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Troya is regarded as a fierce fighter and advocate for social causes. With over 21 years of experience in advocacy and non-violent protests, she has extensive experience in long-term strategic planning, with various civil and human rights campaigns. 


She has been active in the social justice movement since attending NAACP meetings in Tuscaloosa, Alabama as a child. In middle school she was nicknamed, "Ole' Badd Troya", by classmates, because of her unique ability to get adults to listen, and because of her fiesty, but sweet spirit.  As an adult, Troya served as a Leadership Commissioner (2010-2012) and Crisis Committee Chairperson in Rev. Al Sharpton’s Atlanta office of National Action Network (2009-2012).  Under the leadership of Rev. Sharpton, Troya was a key liaison in many cases regarding human rights violations.  She was essential in the mobilization efforts to stop Troy Davis’ execution by coordinating press campaigns, rallies, protests, and collaborating with many other organizations.  


As a believer in the nonviolent approach to crisis resolution, Troya identifies closely with the philosophies of Dr. King and Mahatma Ghandi.  Non-violent activism was a key approach to social change that she learned while earning her B.S. in Communications from Howard University.  While completing her Master's of Education at Tennessee State University, her research was heavily comprised of (non-violent) strategies for working with children with behavior disorders.   She is developing her skills to motivate and teach adults, as she earns her Doctorate of Education in Higher Education & Adult Learning from Walden University. 

"It is our duty as humans to love each other and support each other.  There is no other way to win. Love conquers all." 

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