The author insists in this new book that if you are still using the word, "colorblind" in your conversations about racism, you need to stop using it IMMEDIATELY! We established in the first book that racism is clearly about power.  As such, colorblindness uses a position of power to force whiteness on everyone. It is another way of saying, “I view everyone as if they were white.” Your default color for sameness is white. This ideology removes the uniqueness of non-white people and makes the default culture for sameness, White culture. If you engage in this thought process, you are projecting “Whiteness” on people who aren’t White; negating their experiences, traditions, and uniqueness.


The topic of racism in America is often approached in the framework of, “What’s wrong with Black people,” or “What Black people should be doing is…”  Troya rejects that approach, which she says dehumanizes African Americans.  In this work, she insists that we compare African Americans only to other ethnic groups who have historically been subjected to poverty and oppression.   What other ethnic groups have historically and systematically been oppressed in America?  So where does that leave us?  You have to read the book to find out.   

The Answers: Discussing and Defeating Racism in America

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