In Memoriam of an Educator, Politician,
Civil Rights Leader and American Hero:

Dr. Julian Bond
January 14, 1940 – August 15, 2015


This book is dedicated to all of the children in this world. Especially to my
daughter Zoe: you are my love, my inspiration and my joy. I pray that this
book will encourage conversations that bring healing, so the world is a
better place for you and many generations of my legacy that follow you.
God is with you to protect you, He is sovereign, and He is just. Always

remember that.

This book is also dedicated to my godchildren: Malcolm, Micah, Jace, &
Jorian. I love you, and I pray that God will shelter you as you navigate
through this world. I have faith in the wisdom that your parents and I have
shared with you. I also have faith that our God will guide and keep you.
To all of my little cousins, and my nieces and nephews: I love ya’ll too,
and I know all of you will reap the benefits of the adults who read this
book, teach their children, and begin to tear down racism. God Bless You!


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The Answers: Discussing and Defeating Racism in America (Part 2)

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